Latest information to clients:
We are operating a 24 hour emergency service from Bishop Auckland and will continue to do so for all our clients throughout the current crisis. Our Newton Aycliffe and Spennymoor branches are also open but with restricted services.
Neutering – Can be delayed until restrictions lift
Dentistry – If causing undue pain this will be attended to.
Vaccinations – All vaccinations are now postponed. Boosters can be delayed for 3 months. All puppy and kitten vaccinations will not go ahead. If you are waiting to complete a vaccination course there will be a ‘vaccination amnesty’ when restrictions lift to bring your pet up to date. Please protect your pet in the meantime if they are not fully covered by restricting exercise to your garden.
Nail clips – Will only be carried out if causing pain.
Routine health checks under VIP plan – These will be delayed but flea and wormer’s will still be dispensed. These can be collected from our collection boxes, posted or delivered.
Weight checks and medication checks – If your pet is stable, these can be delayed but we will ensure your pet has no break in their medication. This medication can be either delivered or collected or posted
Grooming – Is closed until further notice.

Please let us know when you arrive at the surgery by telephone.The doors are kept closed as routine. Services will be offered via the rear entrance at Bishop Auckland.  Clients arriving at the branch surgeries will also be asked to wait outside. Please note we no longer accept cash payments. Our staff maybe wearing masks and gloves. This is a precautionary measure to keep everyone safe. If you need to enter the surgery only one person per pet is permitted, our staff will explain the procedure in full when booking your appointment. If you are self isolating or unable to attend due to illness, please ring the practice first and discuss the options that we are able to offer to you and your pet. We now offer a full delivery service for your medication and food. This runs 5 days per week and is done on a non contact basis. Soon we will also be offering video consultations. This consult will also allow us to prescribe medications if needed. Take care everyone.