Diagnostic imaging

Our digital radiography suite and modern ultrasound equipment allow us to provide these services onsite. 

Our ultrasound machine also has one of the highest specifications currently available, meaning that we can provide you and your pet with highly accurate results. 


Digital radiography 

Digital x-rays can be used to diagnose broken bones, detect tumours, check for objects your pet may have swallowed, look for abnormalities in the lungs and abdominal organs and more. 


Dental x-rays

These are taken to assess teeth below the gumline and make informed clinical decisions about your pet’s teeth. 



This is a very safe and useful imaging tool. The ultrasound procedure is painless and involves clipping the area of interest and using medical gel to place a probe and produce an image on the screen of the structures underneath. It can be useful in pregnancy diagnosis, abdominal organ assessments, taking samples and staging in cancer patients. We can perform ultrasound on conscious patients, although sometimes sedation is necessary.  



This is used to assess the heart. We can detect abnormalities associated with the function and structure of the heart, and if we find anything of concern we can use ultrasound to assess this further and develop a targeted treatment plan for your pet.



Our fully equipped in-house laboratory allows us to offer a wide range of routine tests, including haematology, serum biochemistry, urinalysis, faecal analysis, cytology and various tests for infectious diseases. 

We also provide various point of care tests, including blood gas analysis and tests for electrolyte, lactate and ionised calcium concentrations, C-reactive protein, canine and feline specific pancreatic lipase concentrations, thyroid panel, progesterone and cortisol levels.

This means that we can deliver accurate results quickly and start treatment immediately!

If your pet requires lab tests that we can’t offer onsite, we have great working relationships with leading veterinary laboratories across the UK and USA, giving you access to any test that your pet needs.