Vaccination is quite simply giving your pet protection and immunity against various diseases that they may be exposed to. These diseases can make your pet seriously ill; some of them having no cure and therefore many pets can die.

Prevention is much better and cheaper than cure.

We recommend that cats, dogs and rabbits are initially vaccinated when young. It is then important that on a yearly basis your pet re-visits the surgery for a booster injection. Unlike humans who only receive immunity injections as babies and young children, animals need to have their immunity boosted every year to keep them protected from serious and fatal diseases. Humans who are at risk do get vaccinations every year for influenza.

Only healthy animals should be vaccinated. That’s why your pet will receive a full healthcheck included in the price of the vaccination. This will include a check of heart, lungs, eyes and ears plus anything else you have concerns about.

When your pet is vaccinated you will be issued with a vaccination card. This will record the date and type of vaccination your pet has received. This card is often required by boarding kennels/catteries/dog shows etc. as proof your pet is vaccinated.

This card is then updated every year as your pet has it’s booster injection.

We will send a reminder card to you at the beginning of the month in which your pet is due its booster so that your pet’s immunity does not lapse. Whilst we will endeavour to make certain you receive your reminder we can not stop postal problems or know where you are if you have changed address so please inform us if you move and also make a note in your diary as to when your pet is due rather than rely completely on our reminder.