With the diagnostic equipment our practice has we can offer:

  • X-Rays – Some uses include diagnosing broken bones, detecting tumours, looking for things that pets should not have swallowed plus many other uses. Our x-rays are all digital so we can easily send images for further assessment or give you a copy of them if you would like.
  • ECG’s – Some uses include monitoring heart rates and looking for heart irregularities.
  • Ultrasounds – Can be used for pregnancy diagnosis, looking for cysts, determining heart problems and detecting problems with the urinary system. Our ultrasounds are a digital format purchased new in 2009 and give a very good picture resolution.
  • Blood Pressure Measurement – High blood pressure is a problem in pets as well especially in cats and can be controlled well if diagnosed.
  • Blood Testing – We have a range of equipment that can assess your pets red and white blood cells as well as assessing how well their liver and kidneys are functioning and make sure they do not have diabetes or any of a range of other diseases.
  • Microscopy – is used to look at skin scrapes looking for external parasites as well as blood smears, smears from ears, aspirates of tumours and microscopic examination of urine to help us in the treatment of a wide range of diseases.

All the above equipment is available at both of our branches where staff have received training to use them.

Bishop Auckland also has access to video-endoscopy that can be used for examination of stomachs, lungs and nasal passages as well as some other areas.